Impulse Techno Corporation is off spring of the Suri group which is in the automotive spare parts business for the past 6 decades. The Suri group is continuously progressing into multi-products specializing in propeller shaft components & assemblies, universal joint cross,steering linkages (strg. Pitman arm, strg. Sector shaft, strg. Drop arm, strg. Join cross assy, strg.Yoke & teeth), clutch fork, gear housings block assemblies for automotive, tractor, agricultural
(harvestor combine & thrushers). Industrial & marine applications.
This professionally managed company is headed by Mr. Gagandeep singh suri, is a graduate in the field of mechanical engineering from P.S.G. College of Technology, Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu),India, keeping in line with the family tradition and focus on the global soenario, he ventured in the field
Of manufacturing, exporting and marketing of propshaft components & assemblies, U.J. Cross,steering linkages, clutch forks, gear housings block assemblies and cnc turned components under the brand name ‘Moovel’and ‘Moovel Power’ with the help of the professionally managed and highly
motivated team of young people. With emphasis on quality and continuous improvement in the development of products, he started the manufacturing and marketing of ‘Moovel‘ products. Under the Moovel brand the company has developed a vast range of components for the L.C.V. and H.V.C
Segment covering the range of vehicles of TATA, LEYLAND, EICHER, MAHINDERA JEEP & NAVISTAR ,AMW, MANN, BHARAT BENZ etc and covering the entire range of Spicer type and RSB type of propshaft components.
The raw material for production is first subjected to stringent quality control test in the laboratory to check for their conformity to the required specifications and standards as per O.E M. Norms the forgings or SGI castings are machined and processed as per the cad drawings maintaining the close tolerances using the latest production machines like CNC turning centers, hydraulic and multi-spindle drilling machines, hyd. Broaching machines for the splines, gear shapping and spline hobbings machines for the teeth and finally induction hardened on PLC control (SPC) techniques and also random
Quality inspection checks at every manufacturing process and stage by qualified and trained qc team.
The main focus is on continuous improvements in the manufacturing process and strict quality standards with emphasis on new product developments. The new product development is done using CAM/ CAM techniques to design and develop the components with close tolerances keeping in mind the customer requirements and standards with least development and manufacturing lead time and minimal cost with emphasis and focus on the best life cycle for the functioning life of the component and assemblies
The ‘Moovel‘ product is supported by a motivated and encouraging network of distributors,stockists, dealers, mechanics and fleet-owners, the distributors and dealers are given prompt feedback
by the market field service staff who is in constant touch with the mechanics and fleet-owners (end-users), who are the back-bone for the growth of the Moovel products in the after market segment. Using this every bit of product feedback from the fleet-owners, mechanics and dealers, which
Is noted and recorded by the service field staff, the information is reverse engineered to the technical team at the factory to develop and produce defect-free, long lasting and trouble-free Moovel products to its entrusting end-users, the end result is that we grow with our customers with their trust
Support and co-operation.
The power of motion in the new millennium- Moovel Automotive
Products of an iso 9001:2008 certified company